At Bio & Trauma Scene Cleanup, we’ve spent years specializing in the trauma cleanup industry. Everything from blood cleanup to specific biohazards – you name it, we’ve seen it.

While accident cleanup and other major traumatic events are our most well-known services, you might be surprised at how often we’re called out to help with another major issue: Hoarding. Maybe you only know it from TV shows, but hoarding is a serious and often life-altering disease, and one that can have major effects on both people and their living spaces. In many cases, the damage will be so severe that a service like ours will be needed.

What are some of the common biohazards found in hoarding situations? Let’s find out.


It’s common for feces, urine and vomit to be present in hoarding situations – both from the hoarder themselves and from other people or animals. Many hoarders collect pets and other animals just as quickly as other objects, and the droppings can pose a toxic health risk in short order.

In addition, hoarding can often become so severe that bathrooms and running water are cut off entirely. In some of the worst cases here, people (both the hoarder and others living with them) may be forced to dispose of their waste within the home.


Whether we’re talking drugs or other chemicals, many hoarding collections include dangerous chemicals that often aren’t stored in a remotely safe way. These can cause fires or major health issues if left for too long.

Garbage and Debris

The hoarder may think these items qualify as something more, but it’s very common to find large quantities of garbage and useless items within a hoarding situation. Enough waste poses serious biohazard risks in many cases, and the debris can be a physical danger to anyone in the house as well.

Blood, Needles, Bodily Fluid

Drug abuse isn’t necessarily common within hoarding cohorts, but there are still some cases, and people who use needles for this or any other purpose within their hoarding situation often don’t dispose of them properly or at all. This can lead to the spread of diseases, including HIV and AIDS. Blood that escapes the body and isn’t immediately cleaned up can likewise cause a number of problems.

At Bio & Trauma Scene Cleanup, we specialize in filth cleanup in hoarding situations, as well as many other forms of accident cleanup. Our experts are standing by today to assist you.