Death Clean Up Services in Utah

There are times when a body is not found immediately, entering into varying states of decomposition before someone discovers it. This often happens days or weeks after the person has died.

The decomposition process often leaves behind bodily fluids and other biological material even after the removal of the body. Strong odors of putrefaction may also be present, which can be difficult to get rid of without the help of a licensed clean-up technician.

Bio & Trauma Scene Clean-Up provides unattended death clean-up in Utah, servicing Logan, Ogden, Layton, and other areas across Northern Utah. We understand the intricacies of cleaning up a scene where unattended death has occurred. Our technicians are O.S.H.A. certified to clean all traces of biological material and use industry-compliant techniques to neutralize odors.

Professional Clean-up Services

BTSC provides professional clean-up services that are fast, prompt, and thorough. Our licensed technicians come fully-equipped to remove all traces of bio-hazardous waste and carefully dispose of all contaminated, non-salvageable items using proper disposal methods.

We apply effective yet safe disinfectants to the affected areas and completely neutralize any odors left at the scene. Unattended death clean-ups can be significantly more challenging than other cases, as they will require a more thorough cleaning to get rid of all biological matter produced by decomposition.

Bio & Trauma Scene Clean-up is available round the clock, 24 hours a day to provide complete and effective cleanups in the event of an unattended death. We are available on call at all times for the effective remediation the scene.