About Us

Our personnel are fully certified, highly trained and experienced with bio-hazardous waste cleanup. We understand how emotionally draining these events are on affected parties. Let us assist you during this emotionally trying time.

Information About BTSC

BTSC offers competent service on every job. We specialize in crime and trauma scene cleanup. Whether it is a crime scene, suicide, unattended death, blood cleanup, homicide cleanup or just an accident with significant blood spill, our specialists have the knowledge, skills, equipment, and sensitivity to handle the job efficiently, effectively and with a minimum of emotional stress to those affected.

  • BTSC is a local business; not an out of state company pretending to be local.
  • BTSC is fully licensed and insured.
  • BTSC is dedicated to the safe, rapid neutralization and removal of all pathological waste and associated debris left at the scenes of accidents, homicides, suicides, trauma, fire, floods, and other similar scenes.
  • Whether it’s residential, commercial or industrial location BTCS’s technicians are trained and equipped to respond 24/7 to any location within our service area.
  • BTSC uses certified technicians on every job.
  • BTSC uses unmarked vehicles to protect your privacy.
  • BTSC guarantees satisfaction of work.

In addition to BTSC’s technical qualifications and expertise, it is our policy that all of our employees give our customers the highest quality service while treating them with dignity and respect. It is our goal to discreetly perform our job with the minimum of intrusion into the lives of our customers during their time of grief.

Bio & Trauma Scene Cleanup

Justin and his partner gave us the most incredible service during a very trying time.
Nobody wishes to discover a loved one deceased and having to deal with the aftermath.
The service that they provided was such a relief in a trying time. But their CARING nature is what really puts them over the top.
I would highly recommend them for anyone that unfortunately would be in need of this type of service.
Kent Sase
Very professional and considerate of our delicate situation.
I have seen the work that this company does with such a sensitive situation and they performed extremely well. They were very professional with the actual clean up as well as very understanding towards their clients. I was very impressed with the rate at which they were able to take care of the clean-up as well as the quality of work that they do. I would recommend them to anyone who is in need of their services
Our family certainly appreciate the professionalism, compassion and expertise of the services recently provided by this state of the art company. From the first initial contact with them, development of next steps and their follow up we realized they knew their business and allowed our family to be at peace. I would honestly recommend them just as the Provo Police Detectives recommended them to us.