After a major accident or trauma, it’s natural to be most concerned with the health and safety of those directly involved. They’re the most heavily impacted, of course, and immediate concerns should be sent in their direction.

It’s easy to forget, however, that many of these situations can present real dangers to people who were not involved in the accident. At Bio & Trauma Scene Cleanup, we’ve seen firsthand the way biological hazards left behind in the aftermath of an accident can affect people who weren’t even close to the actual incident. Our accident cleanup services are here to prevent this from ever happening to you.

What are some of the dangers of biological hazards left uncleaned?

What Are Biological Hazards?

Simply put, biological hazards are living things that can cause illness or disease in humans. Viruses, fungi, bacteria and parasites all count as biological hazards (also called biological agents).

Some biological agents are able to live for long periods of time away from a human body, especially if they have the right breeding ground. Others will die almost immediately after leaving the body.

How Are Biological Hazards Transmitted?

There are two basic ways for biological agents to be transmitted:

  • Directly: Through physical contact, or through injection or projection of mucus from one person to another
  • Indirectly: Through food, water, insects or even through the air

Common Diseases

Biological hazards vary pretty wildly in terms of the complications they can cause in the body. Some are very minor and won’t even be noticeable, where others are very dangerous and could lead to major health issues.

A specific type of biological hazard capable of causing a disease is called a pathogen. Here are some of the most common diseases these pathogens can cause:

  • Viral diseases: Hepatitis, mumps, measles or even a bad case of the flu
  • Bacterial diseases: Things like tuberculosis, food poisoning and tetanus
  • Parasitic worms
  • Fungal diseases: Ringworm, thrush and others

At Bio & Trauma Scene cleanup, we specialize in removing biological hazards completely and professionally before there’s any risk to the public. Our trauma and crime scene cleanup are the industry standard, and we’re available 24 hours a day to help serve you anywhere in northern Utah.


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